TERROR TALK, TERROR TV’s first original project, will begin airing monthly specials as of Friday, the 13th of March 2020. Each 60-minute special features a variety of guests – known for their work in the macabre media – discussing the genre’s reaction to everything from how fandom has changed to violence and sexual content in film to how the industry has affected world affairs – then and now.

TERROR TALK, hosted by indie film & stage producer and horror genre historian, JAY MICHAELS, has already spotlighted ANTHONY C. FERRANTE, director of the Sharknado series; KELLITA SMITH from Syfy’s Z Nation; REGGIE BANNISTER & GIGI BANNISTER from the popular horror film franchise, Phantasm; SARA KARLOFF and LYNNE LUGOSI-SPARKS, who shared stories of their famous father and grandfather respectively. Other guests included JOE MOE, horror genre writer/director/designer and former caretaker of Famous Monsters of Filmland founder, Forrest J Ackerman; Stoker award-winning author, OWL GOINGBACK; JOHN SKIPP, known as one of the godfathers of the literary movement “Splatterpunk;” and scream-queen CAROLINE WILLIAMS from Texas Chainsaw Massacre II.


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TERROR TALK will be at this year’s Monsterpalooza in Pasadena to interview select celebrities.

The premiere is part of a whole night of TERRORfying fun: The channel will also host the premiere of the horror film, CLINTON ROAD. Based on a true story, the film involves a widowed firefighter seeking closure after his wife goes missing on an actual haunted road in rural New Jersey. He must unlock the road’s secret if he wants to get out alive. Directed by Richard Grieco and Steve Stanulis, with a cast that includes Ice-T, Vincent Pastore, Eric Roberts, with Ace Young, Erin O’Brien, Cody Calafiore, Katie Morrison, Lauren LaVera, James DeBello, Sarah Pribis

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Producers Joel Eisenberg and Lorie Girsh with guests, Lynne Lugosi-Sparks and Sara Karloff with host, Jay Michaels. (designer, Victoria Sandoval in background)

TERROR TALK is produced by Council Tree Productions’ partner JOEL EISENBERG, whose classic television-themed talk show “Then Again with Herbie J Pilato” premiered in 2019 on Amazon Prime and whose Amazon bestselling fantasy saga with co-author Steve Hillard, “The Chronicles of Ara,” was developed by Ovation TV and Gil Adler Productions for an 8-hour miniseries in 2015. He has also developed projects with or sold projects to FOX Studios, CBS-Decades, TNT, Atari, Roddenberry Entertainment, Cinemax, and Warner Brothers, among others. TERROR TV is executive produced by DARRIN RAMAGE, president of the film conglomerate M3 – Maxim Media Marketing, Inc and CEO of production facilities Sun Studios of Arizona. M3 has grown to be recognized as the most powerful distributors of independent Thriller/Horror/Sci-Fi films to the world market. Mr. Ramage exhibits and attends notable film markets around the world such as Cannes Film Festival, MipTV, MipCOM, Hong Kong Filmart and AFM. Home Entertainment labels Brain Damage Films and Midnight Releasing are recognized as some of the largest independent Thriller/Horror labels in North America and has expanded around the world through trademark licensing.

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Producer Lorie Girsh with Host, Jay Michaels, and guests Anthony C. Ferrante, Kallita Smith, John Skipp, Caroline Williams (kneeling) and producer Joel Eisenberg (on floor)

Gigi and Reggie Bannister with host, Jay Michaels, with Joe Moe and Owl Goingback

Producers Joel Eisenberg and Lorie Girsh with guests, Lynne Lugosi-Sparks and Sara Karloff with host, Jay Michaels. (designer, Victoria Sandoval in background)

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