The FoF had the privilege of speaking with Harriet Dyer and Paul Blackthorne, stars of the upcoming NBC show, The Inbetween.  The Inbetween premieres next Wednesday, May 29th on NBC. Below is your first look at The Inbetween followed by our interview.



FoF – Thank you for taking time out today.

Paul – Thank you for having us.

Harriet – You are our schedule today, thank you.  The site is Fellowship of?

FoF – Fellowship of Fools

Harriet- I like it, you have two fools right here.

Paul- The Fellowship expands….

FoF –   That’s fine we always have room for more Honorary FoF members. Would you each tell us a little bit about your character in The Inbetween?


THE INBETWEEN — “Pilot” Episode 101 — Pictured: Harriet Dyer as Cassie Bedford — (Photo by: Sergei Bachlakov/NBC)

Harriet – I play a young lady on the show named Cassie Bedford.  She is a regular gal, except she can see people who have passed away who are hanging around.  The people in The Inbetween you might say. They know she can see them and so they hassle her gently.  They also know she is a portal to Tom Hackett who is a detective at Seattle PD because he is her adoptive daughter.  So, if there is something suspicious or something happened around their death, they know I can get information to him which could alleviate any of their family’s heartache.  They aren’t always cold cases, sometimes it’s about things that are about to happen. So, Cassie has these premonitions and she also has flashbacks and some of those are kind of violent.


THE INBETWEEN — “Pilot” Episode 101 — Pictured: Paul Blackthorne as Tom Hackett — (Photo by: Sergei Bachlakov/NBC)

Paul- It does get a little scary at times.   My character is Detective Tom Hackett who is married to a gentleman named, Brian.  We are the adoptive parents to Cassie Bedford. We have this sort of family aspect of being. We know what she goes through with this gift/curse being involved with the inbetween and the folks that exist in that world and some are less savory than others.

Of course, I know as a detective that when Cassie see’s certain visions is that they are very helpful to our cases that are going on.  So, there’s conflict that let’s not put her though that conflict and put her through the stresses that it puts her through diving deeper into that world to help us.  It does help us, it’s interesting exploring the real world with that supernatural world and seeing the inbetween and how they interweave and questioning the existence of that from a skeptical side to an acceptance side.  When you have a good who done it and a good family sort of thrown into it, it’s a fascinating show.  It is a bit creepy as well, it’s a bit suspenseful.

FoF- Harriet, will we see how Cassie gained or manifested this ability during the first season?

Harriet – I think it is referenced in Episode 3.  There are no flashbacks to her as a teenager. When she was around 15 her mom passed away. Her mom had the same abilities and she didn’t deal with them very well.  She kind of drank herself into an early grave and sadly she’s the one ghost that Cassie can never see.  I don’t know if they are not available to each other emotionally and that may be something we continue to explore in upcoming seasons.

I did ask a medium once when it began for her and it was a similar story.  At 15/16 she could no longer ignore it, it became like someone knocking on your door.  It was like answer me, I’m right here.  I know you can see me, that kind of thing.  We don’t go back to when it started or how it started but it comes with a little bit of sadness and it took her mother from her.

Paul-I never thought about it like that.  You see all these other ghosts coming by but not the one you really want to see is your mother.

Harriet- Yes, she would love to see her.  There is a beautiful heart to this show and little bits of the story like that are peppered throughout the first season.  I think that people are going to love it.

FoF- It seems like you are more accepting of this and her abilities and using them than your partner.  As the season progresses do you see your character relying more on Cassie and her ability or is it last resort at that point?

Paul – I’m more accepting of it because I’m her father.  I lived it with her through her childhood, so obviously I know it’s real with her contact with them.  Damien Asante my partner steps up and on the first day on the job in the first episode.  He is skeptical and I’m trying to keep him away from that.  That young lady (motioning to Harriet) insists on it happening.  There’s a lot of conflict in that sense.


THE INBETWEEN — “Pilot” Episode 101 — Pictured: Justin Cornwell as Damien Asante — (Photo by: Sergei Bachlakov/NBC)


I’m very accepting, he’s obviously has a skeptical view of it.  He sees the proof is in the pudding once the case has unraveled and how much Cassie brings to it in terms of working these cases.  The character is evolving in that sense through the sense.  Yes, it was something I never wanted it to be a part of her characters life and using you in this way, but as you have matured more into accepting your abilities the more we get comfortable doing it.

Harriet – It’s good to have a character like Damien Asante.  They are most people tuning into this show in their living rooms.  That’s why the show is so well rounded.

FoF – Will we see other people with this or different abilities?

Harriet – No, I don’t believe in the first season that Cassie associates anyone else with similar abilities. I think the joy is the audience sees what she sees.  They won’t have to fill in the blanks or color its in.  Anything she sees the audience sees, with some beautiful special effects as well.  It’s very visually stunning, in terms of other kinds of medium no she’s very much out on her own.

Paul – There’s enough going on in your world.

Harriet – Maybe she will find a nice medium guy and I will settle down in a medium town (laughs).

FoF – If you could, what special ability would you like to have?

Paul – Well we discuss this earlier on, didn’t we? Is yours (to Harriet) still the same.

Harriet – Now I don’t know.  I said invisibility earlier but that feels a bit creepy.

Paul – I just want to swim like a dolphin.  I would be perfectly happy with that.

Harriet – I think flying, I love to fly.  Is there an animal (to Paul) that can swim and fly?

Paul – A flying fish

Harriet – Yes, I will be a flying fish.  No, the ability to cure cancer.  See, (to Paul) better person than you (laughs).

Paul – (laughs) I’m so shallow (both laugh).

Harriet – Maybe I will stick with invisibility, even though it seems like uber creep.


Special thank you to Harriet and Paul for taking time out of their schedule to speak with the FoF.  Thank you to our friends at NBC for helping put this together.  Be sure to tune in on Wednesday, May 29th to see The Inbetween on NBC.


Cassie Bedford was born with a rare ability. She has visions … whether she likes it or not. Sometimes Cassie sees events that have previously occurred or will happenin the future. In addition, sometimes she encounters unsettled spirits who need her help. When her father, Det. Tom Hackett, and his new partner, former FBI Agent Damien Asante, need assistance solving a dark and puzzling murder, Cassie reluctantly agrees to use her abilities and helps solve some of the city’s most challenging.

From writer/executive producer Moira Kirland (“Castle,” “Madam Secretary”) comes this suspenseful, new character-driven procedural drama.

The series stars Harriet Dyer (“Cassie”), Justin Cornwell (“Damien Asante”), Anne-Marie Johnson (“Lt. Swanstrom”), Cindy Luna (“Det. Maria Salinas”), Chad James Buchanan (“Will”), and Paul Blackthorne (“Tom Hackett”).

Moira Kirland serves as executive producer along with David Heyman, Nancy Cotton and Matthew Gross. Charlotte Sieling served as executive producer and directed the pilot.

“The InBetween” is produced by Universal Television, NBCU International Television Studio and Heyday Television.


Please visit the official show site at:


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