This past April, we had the pleasure of catching up with Chase Masterson in Chicago. Aside from her work onscreen, Chase has been instrumental in working toward putting an end to bullying. This includes working with two world-renowned experts in the field of heroism, Coalition Co-Founders Carrie Goldman (author, Harper Collins’ Bullied) and Matt Langdon (Founder, The Hero Construction Company), to establish the first initiatives encouraging heroism IRL at comic-cons, in parallel to onscreen heroes.


 Chase Masterson (Star Trek, The Flash)

Coalition Co-Founder & Bullied” Author Carrie Goldman



Coalition Co-Founder & International Heroism Expert Matt Langdon


The Coalition’s comic-con presence includes the “I AM” Campaign, where celebs celebrate their individuality and encourage fans to do the same, along with panels and a PositivityZone, where people can write or receive notes of encouragement. Coalition Partners and panelists include the Founders of the NOH8 Campaign, United Nations Association, the Anti-Defamation League, and other international organizations.



We wanted to take time to highlight the amazing work Chase and the Pop Culture Hero Coalition is doing.  Check out this video from SDCC featuring John Barrowman (Arrow, Torchwood):


Here are some of the messages others posted at C2E2 in the PositivityZone,:



What’s great about their work is that people are talking about these issues and helping bring more awareness to this cause.  Checkout this article from CBS 8 in San Diego here

Here are some of their recent recruits to the “I AM” CAMPAIGN

What’s great about about the Pop Culture Hero Coalition is that anyone can make a difference.  Be sure to checkout the links below. Superhero capes not necessary. 🙂

Pop Culture Hero Coalition website

Pop Culture Hero Coalition Facebook

Pop Culture Hero Coalition YouTube

Pop Culture Hero Coalition Twitter & Instagram

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