Growing up in Texas there were two things to follow; football and professional wrestling.  On Monday, we had the honor of speaking with WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin on his new USA Network show, Straight Up Steve Austin.

We have been fans of Steve’s since he debuted at the Sportatorium in Dallas for World Class Championship Wrestling.  We are more than familiar with the six-time World Champion and the fifth Triple Crown Champion in WWE history.

Steve has appeared in films and TV outside of the squared circle as well as host his very popular podcast.  So when the opportunity presented itself to discuss his new USA Network Show, Straight Up Steve Austin we had to say, Oh HELL YEAH…  Premiering TONIGHT on the USA Network, Straight Up Steve Austin is a unique interview show hosted by retired WWE legend “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. In each episode, Austin and a celebrity guest swap stories about their lives and careers during one-of-a-kind custom-tailored adventures in different cities across America.

FoF – Steve, thank you for your time today to talk about your new show, Straight up Steve Austin.

Steve – Thank you Charles for talking with me.

FoF – Steve, we’ve been following your career since you debuted at the Sportatorium in Dallas. We’re longtime fans.

Steve – Ahhh Dallas, I can’t believe they tore that place down.  I went to the school right down the road in Denton at North Texas State University when it was called that.

FoF – What can viewers expect to see this season on Straight Up Steve Austin?

Steve – Seeing me try to walk and chew gum at the same time with the guests (laughs) and facilitate conversations.  There’s a lot of moving pieces going on.  I learned something every single show.  We shot the pilot about a year ago and we finally got it and said let’s do this thing.

Then we shot 6 episodes for a total of 7.  It takes you two or three to get into a groove and all of a sudden you get to 7 and you’re done. It’s like, hey man I want to keep going. People can watch and expect a good time. Expect me and a guest to bond over physical outdoor activities.  I love being outside and I hate being inside, I’m a type A personality.  I’m always on my feet, so the show is tailor made for me and I’m excited and thankful for the opportunity from the USA Network.

I’ve been on the network for years on WWE and so now to do a solo project on that network is something I’m very proud of. I hope people have as much fun watching it as I did filming it.

FoF – What were you expectations prior to filming and now that you have finished filming the first season did it meet those expectations?

Steve – Man great question and a hard question to answer.  I didn’t know what to expect because it was unlike anything I had ever done before. I’ve been in live television for years and years and I’ve done a podcast for years and years. I’ve talked to people, I’ve sold tickets… This is talking with someone one on one, getting to know them, letting them trust me.

When you see my exterior and you think of Stone Cold Steve Austin you may think, oh man what’s this guy all about.  It’s learning to juggle many different things. It’s like I said, doing activities and talking. Trying to not just grill them or interview them or ask the hard hitting questions, it’s about having a good time and they’re trading stories with me. Based on what they’re telling me I will give them one of my stories. It’s basically a half hour of good fun doing outdoor activities. Maybe it’s the world they come from or the world I come from.  Like Rob Riggle in the series premiere, he a former US marine, now he’s a very successful actor.  Since he was a marine, let’s go into his world and crush cars with tanks so that’s what we did. When you get the chance to get up and drink a cup of coffee and say what
are you doing today, I’m crushing cars with tans with Rob Riggle. That’s a pretty good day at the office for me,  you know what I’m saying…

FoF – Knowing your fan base and expecting to see seasons two and beyond, who would you like to see going forward?

Steve – (laughs) Man….  I’ve been asked this a couple of times, I didn’t want to name names but I was talking about him the other day and he sent me a shout out on Instagram. So I would love to have my good friend, The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) on season two and that’s the only name I’m going to name, because I don’t want to put a list out
there and it doesn’t happen.  The Rocks busy out there making blockbuster movies because he’s the biggest movie star in the world. That’s the one name I will give you, my buddy The Rock Dwayne Johnson.

FoF – What was your favorite moment from the first season?

Steve – Getting into a ring with Sal Vulcano was great from Impractical Jokers and he’s such a wrestling fan and it takes me back to my biggest passion in life.  Hanging out with him and trading a few tips and that guy is so likable and so infectious and that’s why their show Impractical Jokers is so successful but also and hanging out there with Fluffy, Gabriel Iglesias who I’ve known for years and drag racing with him in our personal cars.  I can go moment after moment…. Talking shop with Becky Lynch, Dale Earnhardt Jr. talking about racing and why he walked away from the sport at such a young age with many of the same problems like guys in the sports entertainment.
Every guest brought something that made me curious and intrigued conversation.

FoF – You have been all over the world when you were wrestling.  What was harder getting ready for Straight Up Steve Austin or headling Wrestlemania?

Steve – You know that’s a good question.  I would say getting ready or this show was tougher than gearing up for Wrestlemania because at the time I started getting into the headline position of Wrestlemania I had already been in the (wrestling) business 7, 8, 9 years so I was really good at what I was doing.  In this show although I’ve done many
things, I’ve never been one on one and multitask with a crew of 85 people there to watch and capture all this going on.  So, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes that people don’t see but things you’re dealing with as the host.  That was very challenging for me and I think if I can become as good at this as I was at my job in the squared circle we will be pretty good and we will get more seasons. I had a blast filming this show and every single episode you get better
and you learn more and you apply it accordingly, so I’m finding my comfort zone.

FoF – Do you have a message that you would like to share to our FoF followers and fans?

Steve – My message to the FoF is watch Straight Up Steve Austin, sit back and have a good time.  Everybody’s got problems, this isn’t designed to solve the problems of the world but hopefully you will enjoy the conversation, have a laugh or two and have a good time and That’s the bottom line…


At the FoF, we have had traveled all over North America for interviews, set visits and coverage and without a shadow of a doubt, this was by far our FAVORITE!  Be sure to tune in Monday nights following WWE Raw to catch new episodes of Straight Up Steve Austin on the USA Network.

Special thanks to the WWE HOF Steve Austin for taking time to chat with the FoF and to the USA Network for helping to facilitate this.  Below are links to follow Steve directly and more information on his new show Straight Up Steve Austin on the USA Network and that’s the bottom line…..

Steve Austin on Twitter

Steve’s Official website

Steve Austin’s Instagram

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