One of our favorite things to do at the FoF is getting to cover our friends work.  This is no exception.  We have known and had the pleasure of working with Gary Morgenstein for almost the entire ten years the FoF has been around.  When we heard about Gary’s upcoming book, A Mound Over Hell, we jumped at the chance to read it and give you our thoughts (spoiler free) on what to expect.



It’s 2098 and the last season of baseball—forever. After the ravages of WWIII, the once all-American sport is now synonymous with terrorism and treason. Holograms run the bases for out-of-shape players and attendance averages fifteen spectators per game. The only ballpark left is the former Yankee Stadium.

America, nearly wiped out by radical Islam, has established a society based on love. Religion, social media, and the entertainment industry have been outlawed. All acts of patriotism are illegal, and the country is led by Grandma. Heading up the Family in her home base in the Bronx, she works tirelessly to build a lasting legacy for the future.

As baseball historian Puppy Nedick prepares for opening day, a chance encounter lands him face-to-face with former baseball greats. Determined not to go down without a fight, the players band together to revitalize the game for one last hurrah.

But not everyone wants peace. Will baseball become the catalyst for WWIV, or will it save America?


This is just the first in a series of books in The Dark Depths series.  What better way to celebrate the new baseball season than a science fiction baseball novel.  What I really enjoyed is the depths of the characters.  If I can visualize and care about these characters then I know it is something that others will also be able to connect with and enjoy.  It is easy to get complacent when trying to paint a mental image of a future set after World War 3, luckily that isn’t the case here.  Gary’s bold approach to the future is both creative and innovative.  Gary holds no prisoners when it comes to politics, sports, religion, values and so much more.  This book isn’t about sports, war, politics, love or even ghosts.  This is a book about  life and takes a bit of everything to bring this story together.

From the depths of the characters to the ghosts of the past.  This has everything and takes the best of baseball and science fiction and brings together a fun read.  You don’t have to be baseball fan to enjoy it and on the flip side you don’t have to be a fan of science fiction to enjoy it either.  If you are a fan of both you are in for a fun read that will leave you wanting more.  If you’re not a fan of one or the other, you may be converted by the end of the book.  We recommend this book highly and can’t wait to read the next chapter in this series.  A Mound Over Hell is the book you didn’t know that had to have in your collection and is available now.


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