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I find it hard to believe there is a larger convergence of fandom and immense creative talent anywhere in the known universe than this 5-day convention celebrating everything in visual entertainment like San Diego Comic-Con International (SDCC). It has something for everyone, and it’s so dynamic that they tailor the experiences to the needs of professionals and fans alike. 


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The hysterical writers of The Big Bang Theory fill Ballroom 20 with thousands of BBT fans.




The convention floor will be full of comics, memorabilia, toys, swag of every kind, and interactive experiences for everything, including graphic novels, television, film, games, and the artists of artist alley. Autographs are being signed at tables from open to close in booths downstairs and the atrium upstairs. There are panels on everything with your favorite writers and the brightest Hollywood stars. That’s just what’s going on inside the convention center.



Outside, spread across the San Diego marina, the city will be covered in events for everyone. You do not have to be a movie star to party like one at SDCC. There are entire camps, restaurants, and freshly built enclosures set up all over the San Diego gas lamp district designed to intrigue the mind and inspire the entertainment enthusiast. 



People in Hollywood stress about getting into the right parties, but, if your goal is to have a good time, there is a party for you no matter what your status or job. The press is invited to promotional parties for everything you can imagine from content to merchandise. There are parties for brand new toy lines, upcoming movies, and the shows each TV network is most excited to promote. 



There are also private parties for people who work in comics, games, or Hollywood. This is where everyone rubs elbows and catches up with everyone they haven’t seen since last year’s big convention. Reconnection in a social and lively atmosphere is crucial to the vibrancy of one’s business. They discuss projects and set up potential opportunities. 



The parties are not reserved for the exclusive. There are pop up and planned parties all over San Diego. There are massive games to participate in, pub-crawls, and fan celebrations of geekdom’s favorite intellectual properties and creators. Nobody is bored and without options unless they chose to be bored… except when waiting in line. 

Yet, even when it comes to waiting in lines, there are the events where the line waiting will be long, and there are other smaller panels for those who don’t have the patience for it. If you want to see the big stars, you’ll have to wait. If your idea of seeing a great panel is one with your favorite science-fiction, horror, comic, or comedy writers, you will not have to wait as long. Pick your preferences.



The Fellowship of Fools is ready for another trip to the greatest hub of entertainment in the universe. Nerd-vanna, here I come!





The open-to-the-public Suicide Squad activation center included gifs, tattoos, snacks, drinks, doglegs, t-shirts, and a short prison stay all for the price of waiting in line.





The Walking Dead area included interactions and photo ops with the flesh eaters.





The exclusive IMDb yacht where live interviews are done all day long with the biggest celebrities at Comic-Con.

The Nerd HQ dance party rave, which will be hosted by the Syfy Network.
The BuzzFeed party celebrates the superheroes of the CW, including Arrow, The Flash, The Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, and this year includes Black Lightning, who many of you fans may remember from his guest appearances on The Super Friends cartoons. You will recognize The Flash himself (Grant Gustin) milling around with everyone else.
Game of Thrones’ Hodor DJs the NVE/Nylon party.
Props from the smash hit movie Wonder Woman were on display for the 75th anniversary last year at the DC collectibles release party.

Last year’s FANDOM party brought in a free arcade.
Wired Cafe serves specialty themed drinks.
Actual costumes from the films are displayed in the middle of the DC booth in the convention hall.
The Cosplay at SDCC is amazing!
Power Rangers Press check-in with bags of Swag.
Power Rangers entire cast open interviews.
Ryan Reynolds on the big panel in Hall H.


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