Moana will be available on DVD, 3D and Bluray on Tuesday, March 7th Moana is available NOW on Digital HD. Courtesy of Disney our review of Moana on Bluray.



Moana is the story of a young woman (named Moana) who lives on an island with her family , friends and neighbors but yearns to travel.  A curse falls upon the island and Moana seeks the help of the demigod Maui to save the island.  Maui himself needs assistance from Moana because he has lost his special abilities. The story is focused on the dynamic of Moana and Maui working together to help save the island and her people . The movie is a musical and once again, Disney incorporate musical storytelling elements into the narrative.

The movie does a fantastic job establishing the characters and developing them . Viewers will appreciate the chemistry between the characters.  I understand the character motivations and I find them to be very relatable. The writing is sharp and dialogue seems natural and  delivered perfectly. The voice acting in this movie is excellent, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson portrays Maui as a cocky self absorbed demigod that is extremely charming . Moana is a strong independent woman that viewers will love . A fun aspect of the film is a chicken named Heihei who doesn’t speak but steals many scenes with his foolishness.

The animation within this movie is gorgeous and looks great at home and on a tablet.  Disney once again has made something truly remarkable with this movie and look forward to more original stories.

Now for the special features:

Short Film: “Inner Workings”
Maui Mini Movie: “Gone Fishing”
Deleted Song: “Warrior Face”|Voice of the Islands — Discover how the heritage of the islands influenced the story, and how the people and their culture inspired the filmmakers
Things You Didn’t Know About- — Get to know the movie’s stars and talent through a series of rapid-fire questions
Island Fashion — Find out how the costumes were designed using only materials and techniques native to the islands of Oceania
The Elements Of- — Explore MOANA’S groundbreaking effects, in four featurettes
They Know the Way: Making the Music of MOANA — Learn how Opetaia Foa’I, Mark Mancina and Lin-Manuel Miranda’s involvement with the movie changed their lives
Music Video — “How Far I’ll Go” by Alessia Cara|Deleted Scenes
Fishing for Easter Eggs
Audio Commentary
And More!

Moana will be available on DVD, 3D and Bluray on Tuesday, March 7th Moana is available NOW on Digital HD.  Order yours TODAY!

Special thanks to Disney for making the Bluray available for this review.

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