On Monday afternoon the FoF was invited to the press premiere of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. We want everyone to enjoy this viewing experience of this film and we won’t be providing any spoilers outside of what has been revealed in the trailers. This is the first theatrical Star Wars film not to feature the Skywalker family. Director Gareth Edwards brings together a stellar cast with some very nice surprises for the Star Wars fan.


This is a story of how the Rebel Alliance obtained the blueprints to the Death Star featured in Episode IV A New Hope.  With stars like Felicity Jones, Forest Whitaker, Diego Luna, Donnie Yen and the voice talents of Alan Tudyk and James Earl Jones.  With this talent you know that the Star Wars universe is in great hands.  If you are like us and have seen the movie trailers you know it also features the return of one of the most iconic villains in movie history.



Rogue One features new and old planets, droids, Stormtroopers and weapons.  Rogue One finds a way to engage the audience and regardless of age, made us feel young again.  The battle scenes are absolutely fantastic.  The look at the uprising of the Rebellion helps the viewer really appreciate the Original Trilogy even more.


Two of our favorite characters from Rogue One are Chirrut Îmwe played by Donnie Yen and K-2SO voiced by Alan Tudyk.  The fight scenes featuring Donnie are just fun to watch and really draws the audience in.  I think it is safe to say K-2SO will really connect with people the way BB-8 did last year in The Force Awakens. Both are equally great characters and fun to watch for very different reasons. 





At its core, Rogue One is a story about war and its cost and is gritty in nature.  This doesn’t mean it won’t have the same Star Wars feel to it that fans have come to love over the years.  It is a darker tone because of what is at stake and even knowing the eventual outcome in the Star Wars universe, this film will keep audiences glued to their seats.  This film is done right and shows fans that creator George Lucas was wise to trust it to Disney. 



Fans will enjoy land and space battles and really come to care about this group of characters.  If there was ever a doubt of the success a solo Star Wars film those fears will be put to rest on 12/16/2016. Since we know this will be asked, yes there is a sequel to Rogue One, it’s Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope. We enjoyed Rogue One: A Star Wars story so much that we wanted to rush home and watch, Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope.Regardless of how you watch them, we want to know how soon before we get theatrical treatments of Star Wars The Force Unleashed and Knights of the Old Republic?

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