Warcraft Movie


In the Warcraft feature film, the land of Azeroth stands at the brink of war between humans and the orc warriors!

 Azeroth’s greatest hero, Anduin Lothar, leads the Alliance along with King Llane Wrynn of  Stormwind.


They’re faced against the might of the noble Durotan, Chieftain of the Frostwolf Clan, and Orgrim, who weilds the  mighty Doomhammer!

Of 2 worlds, Garona must make a difficult choice!


Coming in April!


They also come as Dorbz, which are high quality stylized vinyl figures!



Coming in April!

Mystery Minis


The Warcraft Mystery Minis set highlights key characters from both sides of the battle!

Which side will you choose?!



Coming in April!


Borderlands Pocket Pop! Keychain


Attention Vault Hunters! Borderlands Pop!’s are
coming and they’re worth their weight in Eridium!


Claptrap, the most annoying robotic guide to ever make it off Hyperion’s
assembly lines, makes for a great companion. Whenever he isn’t talking.



That makes this NON-TALKING, FULLY SILENT, NOT INTERACTIVE keychain so valuable!


Coming in April!


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