Last week an article came out talking about a virtual reality game based off the Paranormal Activity film franchise.  


I know some of you gamers hear the word, virtual reality and have bad flashbacks to the 1995 Virtual Boy from Nintendo.  While that was billed as a “virtual gaming system”, the only thing it did was create some of the worst headaches known to mankind…  Not that we have/had one (pushing a Nintendo box out of sight).

What makes this experience different is technology has changed a lot in the past 20 years,  Most of you have at least heard of Oculus Rift and/or the Samsung Oculus Rift for the Note 4, HTC Vive and Project Morpheus.  This isn’t going to be a passing fad.  Virtual reality entertainment is coming and very easily could redefine entertainment as a whole.  We had the chance in April to try the Oculus Rift in Chicago at C2E2.  Our demo was 3 minutes long and only included the headpiece. It was absolutely AMAZING and we wanted more. Needless to say we are sold.


The idea of one of the biggest horror movie franchises being turned into a virtual reality game is fantastic.  No more sitting on your couch playing a game in first or third person. This time you are there and that takes this kind of gaming to the next level. Think about the possibilities with TV, film, games, theme parks, haunted houses, touring the world and more.  Who wouldn’t want to walk around Jurassic Park or fly a landspeeder on Tatooine.  The only limits here is imagination.


We will be following the Paranormal Activity virtual reality game closely and will work to provide you more details as they develop.  Be sure to read the article about this release here

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