Even though this wasn’t our first time to attend a WalkerStalker Convention, it was their first show in Dallas. As most of·our followers know, we are no stranger to conventions and only cover the best.  Below is our brief time at one of the most well-run conventions in the US.




To be honest WalkerStalker is in our top 3. Our experience at WalkerStalker can be broken up into three categories: Fans, Guests, Staff.



Fans: Holy Crap! What a great group of dedicated fans. I’ve seen lots of costumes for horror in my years, but these fans go hard or go home. Every costume that we saw was crazy detailed and top quality. And these guys know how to party too. WalkerStalker offers so much to so many people, from the dealers, celebrities, authors, costumes and much much more. 



Guests: The guests attending this year were top caliber. How cool is it that so many of the main cast of The Walking Dead were there.  Let’s not forget about several cast members from Lost were there too. This show even had stars from Breaking Bad meeting with fans.



There was the full gambit from movies to tv to authors to artists. What sets WalkerStalker apart from most conventions is that·everyone is so accessible and approachable: with the guests spread out, there was a much more intimate feeling and you could spend time speaking with the guests and not feel that you were being herded through like cattle.


Every city as the guest list grows I find myself more amazed than the previous show.  Everyone involved behind the scenes should be commended for another outstanding job and for raising the bar to a new level. 


One of our favorite functions at WalkerStalker are the panels. To have your favorite actors, artists, authors and more in one place to discuss their work and to have fun is very special. The guests are always engaging and relaxed and are there because they WANT to be there.


Special shout-outs go to Emma Bell, Danai Gurira, Daniel Dae Kim and Giancarlo Esposito. 


Management: I have to commend the staff at WalkerStalker; when you have convention events spread across a large convention center… that’s a potential recipe for disaster.  No such disaster happened here. The staff put on a great convention: times and locations were clearly marked, the information booth was staffed with knowledgeable folk, the changes to schedules were kept to a minimum and clearly communicated. Great job, guys.


Once again we thoroughly enjoyed our time at WalkerStalker. It was a phenomenal convention in our own backyard. Please put it at the top of·your list for next convention. If you haven’t gone before you are missing out on something·special.

The next WalkerStalker will be held in Orlando, Fl. (June 27–28, 2015).  Be sure to check them out at: http://www.walkerstalkercon.com/
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