We have had the pleasure of knowing Aleks Paunovic for several years now. One of the perks of the FoF is when you get to interview a friend and hear what they are up to. Recently we caught up with our friend and Honorary FoF member.



FoF: First, thank you for taking time today; I know how busy you are.


Aleks: Absolutely.


FoF: For the series The 100, what was it like be a part of that show and bringing Gustus to life?


Aleks: That show was a blessing. Vancouver has some of the best scenery out there, but the cast is just GREAT. They were just so welcoming. The make-up, hair department and wardrobe were just spectacular on what Gustus wears, so at the end of the day it was a such a joy. Even though we were working out in the woods in Vancouver and the people around it were great. I loved working on this character so much and I had such a great time. It was one of my best experiences period.


FoF: A new series called iZombie is coming out this March to CW. We have seen the first few episodes and your character, Julien. What can you share about iZombie and Julien?


Aleks: (laughs) Julien is hilarious and I just think he doesn’t want to screw up for Blaine (David Anders). Julien wants to be the best zombie for him and he has an agenda to make sure it goes that way and that Blaine gets everything he wants. David Anders who plays Blaine has been an absolute joy to work with, David is awesome. Robert Buckley and I had some fun fight scenes and Robert is a lovely talented guy.


It’s one of those laughers, same with The 100 I think I have gotten a lot of lifer friends from both shows easily. These are just great people.


FoF: Let’s talk about the video game based film, Dead Rising: Watchtower.


Aleks: It’s pretty accurate towards the video game and in fact the director did a phenomenal job. We used some of the same weapons that are used in the game. Getting a really great cast together and for me personally, it was one of the most fun roles I have played with no boundaries. Zach Lipovsky did such a great job directing and letting me go with my instincts and if I went a little bit too far, he would hone me in. Do whatever you want but know that this is the agenda and this is where we need to end up. Zach gave me so much freedom and that was a joy to trust a director that would allow me to go off and trust me. It’s a fun ride; I just did ADR for it. I got to see a little bit of it and it’s awesome.



FoF: Last time we chatted you were working on the series, Arctic Air that was aired in Canada. I am now on the final season and I keep waiting for your character to fly the damn plane. (laughs)


Aleks: (laughs) That was the one thing we were talking about me flying the planes and they said, Aleks you can’t fit in the planes (laughs). It took enough time to filming in the plane.


FoF: Recently you posted a picture of you and Sir Anthony Hopkins on a film you are both on. What can you tell us about the film and getting to work with him?


Aleks: Oh man, I can go on forever. Anthony Hopkins is one of the most funny, generous, down to earth people that have ever met. I know you hear that about people, but this is literally true with him. When I booked the role, I knew I was getting to work with one of the greatest actors of our generation. I wanted two things, one I didn’t want to screw up in front of him and two, I want to have just a moment when I got the moment to say, Mr. Hopkins I am a huge fan and it’s a privilege working with you. Then walk away, leave him and not bug him. We ended up nonstop talking off the set because he is a boxing fan and he asked me what sport I did. I said I boxed for years and am a third generation boxer in my family. Then we started talking and talking and it was spectacular. When it was time to shoot, he was like, Aleks would you mind if we worked some improve here and let’s just go with it and I’m mind blown. It’s like Jimi Hendrix asking you to jam with him. We had a great time shooting the scene. We had a great time sitting and talking and laughing and joking.  


He would do Marlon Brando impressions, for me I sitting there thinking this is not how it would be because he is, Sir Anthony Hopkins. To be there improvising and complimenting each other was amazing. We had just an amazing time and have been texting each other and getting a Christmas text from him was like a present itself. We became friends and I am going to go see him when I go back to LA. The best thing you can take away from it is that it is tangible and the success of your heroes isn’t that far off. Like I said, I can go on forever. The film is Go With Me and Hopkins is producing it and fell in love with the book and really wanted to do this film.


FoF: In film and TV there are a lot of comic book based film out and coming out. Is there one you would love to be a part of?


Aleks: I think Deadpool would be pretty cool.


FoF: Being as busy as you are, when you have free time what do you enjoy watching?


Aleks: I am a big fan of Parks and Rec. I am huge fan of that type of quick humor. Pratt is awesome; I think he is phenomenal fun actor to watch. He makes it look like it’s all improve but it’s not, which is a true gift. I like to unwind with that type of stuff.




FoF: You are working on a new project that is special to you, are you able to share the news?


Aleks: I am working/producing a new feature called Numb with Jason Goode directing and Phil Jenkins is also producing. One of the leads that have been cast is Jamie Bamber and I are both the leads and Marie Avgeropoulos from The 100 is playing my sister in it. I am really excited about it. We are shooting up in the snowy mountains of British Columbia. It’s going to be very exciting.


FoF: Aleks, I really appreciate you taking time for us.


Aleks: Thank you


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