Everyone has heard of the Marvel Experience, but no one seems to know what it is and what to really expect.  Recently the FoF went to the Marvel Experience and we are going to break it down for you, including admission packages, the experience itself, souvenirs and how long it takes to experience to complete the experience.




First fast and foremost, prepurchase your ticket(s) or you run the risk of not getting in.  We took a TON of pictures and they can be found on our Instagram account FoFNation. Get there early, they take you in by groups based on the timeslot you purchased and people lineup early.  The difference between ticket packages is swag, VIP lounge and VIP lines.  We went the general admission route to see what most can expect.   Before getting in line outside create your virtual S.H.I.E.L.D. id.  It’s free and will track your progress with the special wristband given when you pick up your tickets. If you have a smartphone download a free QR code reader, it will add to the experience.  Tip- wear the wristband on your right hand if possible, makes sense later.


Once inside you learn that the world of Marvel is in trouble and you have become the newest recruit of S.H.I.E.L.D.  There is a message for you inside the first building.  The workers really help you feel like this a real deal and kids will love it.  This experience really is made for people of all ages.



Room 2 aka the BIG room.  There is no time limit so take your time and enjoy yourself there is a ton to do. The first thing you see are several long tables that is like a huge smart phone where you have 60 seconds to pull wreckage together.  Along the walls you see various Avenger props.  Fans will virtually be able to fly like Iron Man, smash things like the Hulk, wall climbing like Spider-Man, laser grid challenge like Black Widow (note we learned we weren’t as flexible as we used to be, it was a lot of fun).  There is a huge screen hanging and when you step on the marked spot and do a super hero pose (poses are listed) you will summon that hero and they will interact with you.  Kids of all ages will love the interaction and is worth the wait in line.  Our personal favorite was the Holo-Blaster Training Simulator was our favorite (we took second place too).  In room 2 includes a concession stand and last chance for restrooms.  It is in this room that you will spend 90% of your overall time.


Once you leave the main room you won’t be able to come to return.  The next room offers several touchscreens where you learn about the Marvel villains.  From there you go to the dome room.  There are things going on all over, best bet sit down and look up.  The next room is another video message to get you ready for the motion ride.  The motion ride was fun and not too intense and is enjoyed by everyone.  This is where wearing the wristband on your right arm comes into play. 


No experience is complete without a stop at the souvenir shop.  They have everything from accessories for your wristband to complete statues with you and your Marvel heroes.  It is here you can even get a real S.H.I.E.L.D. id from the virtual one you created at the very start.


The scoop on how long it will take to complete.  Online they recommend 90 minutes to 2 hours, onsite they recommend 2-3 hours. For the FoF with only two adults using general admission it took 5 ½ hours on a Sunday.  The reason was the lines, had we used a VIP pass it would have taken no more than 2 hours to experience everything. 


We hope this helpful and left a few surprises for you to discover.  Marvel has done a great job with the movies and TV shows they make and have taken fan interaction to a new level with the Marvel Experience.  We can’t wait to see what they add next and highly recommend the Marvel Experience.


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