Reign Season 1 DVD review

Warner Bros. Home Video will release Reign Season 1 on Tuesday, September 23rd.  This release will be available on DVD.


Ever since Mary Stuart, Queen of Scotland, was a little girl, the English have wanted her country and her crown. As a teenager, Mary is sent to France to wed its next king to save herself and her people. Waiting at the French Court is the gorgeous Prince Francis, his illegitimate half-brother Sebastian, a king on the brink of madness, a scheming queen, and the seer Nostradamus with a devastating prophecy. While royal conspiracies, sexual intrigue and mysterious dark forces lurk around every castle corner, Mary struggles to rule her heart’s conflicting passions and make the right decisions as she prepares to become queen. Politics, passion and duty make for thrilling drama in all 22 royally scandalous episodes of the powerful new series, Reign!

Reign is a show that pulls out all the stop on realism.  For a show set in the 16th Century this has that big budget look and feel to it.  The scenery is beautiful and the music used during the show is perfect.  The show has intrigue, comedy, romance, fighting, and betrayal and just about anything else you could want.  This series political tone work very well and is brought to life with a great cast of characters.  My biggest complaint would be the lack of a Bluray release.  I am hopeful that it will be coming in the future and you can bet we will let you know if we hear of any developments.

Available 9/23