The FoF had the chance to see the series premiere of the new CW show, Star-Crossed.  We will give our thoughts and what to expect with the debut of this new series.  Star-Crossed premieres, Monday, February 17th at 8/7c on CW.


The series starts out in May of 2014.  This is when the aliens “Atrians” arrive on earth.  We learn the Atrians are seeking refuge from their dying world.  While the Atrians look similar to their human counterparts one noticeable difference is the have distinct tattoos on their face. As one may expect, the Atrians aren’t given the warmest of welcomes and are attacking immediately upon arrival.

One Atrian male child named Roman hides in a shed and befriends a young girl named, Emery.  With the government in pursuit, it doesn’t take long for young Roman to be dealt with.  Fast forward ten years and we have Emery in high school; this is also the day of integration of a select group of seven young Atrians.  As you can imagine, some humans are less than pleased.  We learn the Atrians live in a militarized sector guarded by the government as they work at trying to integrate them into society. 

One of the noticeable things in the future is the human kids recite the pledge of allegiance each morning.  If you pay attention you will notice that the pledge has been modified.  I expect this to cause some lively debates online. The special effects are well done and the characters and storyline will leave you wanting more. 

As for the cast, Aimee Teegarden (Friday Night Lights), Malese Jow (Vampire Diaries) and Matt Lanter (Star Wars The Clone Wars) make the pilot enjoyable while trying to piece together the side stories that will be introduced.

Do yourself a favor and tune in Monday night to see the CW premiere of Star-Crossed at 8/7c.






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