We are happy to announce that Aaron Douglas has confirmed that he will be bringing to the Dallas SciFi Expo the limited edition Final Five print.




Here is the story behind the Final Five print (pictured above, the watermark is not on the actual print).

In 2010 the FoF worked with Aaron Douglas to create this limited edition Final Five print. The print was only available at a convention in Chicago that all five actors were attending.  The remaining prints have not been made available till now and will only be available at Aaron’s table in Dallas on February 8 & 9. The art for the print was done by comic book artist, Brian Denham and each print is hand numbered.

The cost of each print is $40 and will include Aaron signing it for you.  The prints are 11×17 and when they are gone, they will be GONE.  These are very limited and this will probably be the last chance to get one.

If you haven’t gotten your convention tickets head to http://scifiexpo.com/DCC/sfx.html

Tickets are on sale now and they have an amazing lineup.


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