One of our favorite things to do at the FoF is getting to cover our friends work.  Again, this is no exception.  We have known and had the pleasure of working with Gary Morgenstein for almost the entire thirteen years the FoF has been around.  When we heard about Gary’s second book, A Fastball for Freedom, the second in The Dark Depths series, we jumped at the chance to read it and give you our thoughts (spoiler free) on what to expect.



Set in 2098, twenty-five years after America has been defeated by Islam, the country is no longer a great democracy or a world power. Society is now run by the Family, and almost everything is illegal, including social media. In a robot- and hologram-run world, the fading game of baseball, once the national pastime, is now synonymous with treason, and represents the world’s last hope for peace.

Baseball historian Puppy Nedick is back, on the run from the government that lists him and his friends as traitors. Challenged by weaponized religion and a new Family figurehead, Puppy will stop at nothing to fight against the new regime as he and his friends struggle to survive in a hate-ravaged planet and avoid afinal cataclysmic global conflict.

“The power of speculative fiction is that it allows you to be timely while taking the reader through a
window into a nightmarish future,” says author Gary Morgenstein. “Familiar, yet not. But as humanity has always done under the most terrible of circumstances, ordinary people will find the extraordinary courage to build a better world. Or at least try. For as Grandma says in her First Insight, ‘All you need is love.’ That and a baseball field.”


It’s hard to believe it’s been three LONG years since we reviewed, book one, A Mound Over Hell.  If it was the FoF’s call we would be talking book five now but once again Gary Morgenstein has not only stayed busy but wanted book two to be as great if not better than the original.  We can say, he more than delivered.

What we love about this series is the story and characters.  We like to compare it to an onion, you peel one layer away there’s yet another new and unique layer.  With a large cast of characters, it would be easy for their stories to get lost in the shuffle, somehow this isn’t the case here.  Everyone shines in their own way and makes for yet another fun and thrilling read.  Even though we know the story from book one, we found ourselves reading the final few chapters again as we geared up for the latest installment.  This is the follow-up to a book we not only wanted but needed.  This is the book you need to read and enjoy.  For those that haven’t read A Mound Over Hell, get your copy now and you will be ready when A Fastball of Freedom releases on March 25, 2021 from BHC Press.

A Fastball for Freedom is the perfect follow-up to A Mound Over Hell. A Fastball for Freedom is the Empire Strikes Back of the series and we can’t wait for more.

Special thanks to both Gary Morgenstein and BHC Press for the ability to allow us to review book two.


Releasing worldwide on March 25, 2021, A Fastball for Freedom will appeal to a large demographic of
readers who enjoy dystopian fiction, including The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood, 1984 by George Orwell, Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, and Philip K. Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep A Fastball for Freedom is published by BHC Press and is available for preorder in hardcover, trade softcover, and ebook at all major booksellers. Booksellers, retailers, and librarians may order direct from Ingram, Baker & Taylor, Gardners, Overdrive, Perma-Bound, and the publisher’s website. Other books in the series include A Mound Over Hell.

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