NBC Makes Friday Morning at SDCC the Best Morning


NBC and its cable networks, Syfy and USA, host my favorite morning party of SDCC, and it’s something I look forward to all year.







In 2016, after two days of running around everywhere, they had masseurs there to get all the tension out of your body for thirty minutes a pop, including your aching feet. In 2017, they brought out one of the coolest, high-energy performance pieces in all of Comic-Con with a drum-lead marching band that played tunes from some of fandom’s favorite entertainment properties, including Batman, Spider-Man, and a couple Star Wars classics. 


They rented out Float, as stated on Thursday night’s article is probably the best private party venue in the San Diego Marina and Gaslamp District. They set the scene well with swag everywhere, including cool Syfy all black baseball caps, fans, and made to order Syfy T-shirts, which are quite possibly the most comfortable T-shirts in all of San Diego, elastic-y and made to hug the wearer just right. You know it’s a great T-shirt when you’re torn between wearing it out and just going to sleep in it. They had themed rafts in the pool that each embraced geek culture young and old, from Star Trek to My Little Pony.




As time passed into the afternoon, there was a lovely food bar with a couple salad choices (which is really awesome for everyone getting sick of the often unhealthy options) and hearty burgers to fill you up for the day. The open bar had a slew of specialty drinks, and NBC was brilliant to embrace the love of all things geek. Everyone who tried it loved the drink they aptly named The Jedi Mind Trick. It didn’t taste like booze, but it sure had some. It contained fresh blueberries and a blue Popsicle that looked like a light saber. Lastly, when you finished that cool Popsicle on this warm, sunny, outdoor California rooftop party, there was a great wisdom quote or joke on the Popsicle stick. Yoda would be super proud.



It reminds me how much fun I personally have watching so many of these networks’ shows. NBC’s Blacklist, Emerald City, and This Is Us. Syfy’s The Expanse, The Magicians, and soon Con Man as well as USA’s Mr. Robot, Suits, and Psych’s big return. You can see what these networks are producing right now at: http://www.nbc.com, http://syfy.com, and http://www.usanetwork.com/shows.


I was reveling in the NBC gathering, reconnecting with many producer friends, and doing it in a fantastic environment. Friday morning was off to a fantastic start.


This is courtesy of Honorary FoF Member and screen writer Michael Tabb.